20th May 2014

Norwich Arts Centre (Live) Art Club

as part of Norfolk & Norwich Festival 2014

Audience interaction and solo performance asking…how are you feeling?...no honestly tell me I really want to know…not just the usual response of ‘oh fine thanks’…I really want to know…would you like to choose a fruit?…I know we’re going to have a smashing time tonight at Norwich Arts Centre.

15th February 2013
Firstsite, Colchester

ooo first site night

other/other/other present first/site/night

other/other/other took over Firstsite Gallery for the first time. We made work which responded to the exhibition “Nigel Henderson and Eduardo Paolozzi: Hammer Prints Ltd 1954-75″ and to the amazing architecture of the Firstsite building.

My contribution to the evening was to make hammer print wallpaper all be it in a less conventional method. Some comments from the audience:-  Uh oh!       Now she's getting serious.       Here comes the pomegranate.       Actually you're quite normal now I speak to you.     

Wow when is the next show I really need to see that again.          That was amazing and very therapeutic.

Thank you Firstsite audience, assistants Jess, Tim, Max and for supplying the fruit Anglia Produce Ltd.

9th May 2012

Commissioned to be a waiter in the Hunt & Darton Cafe in Cambridge. I took my trusty Danset record player, tips for the customers, throw away cameras and oodles and oodles of welcoming enthusiasm.

Asking customer's to choose records to accompany their dinning experience went down well. The tips were informative: Use bread to pick up fragments of broken glass/Keep potatoes from budding: place an apple in the bag with the potatoes/When packing a bag for traveling roll your clothes don't fold them, you will be able to pack more and they won’t crease as much. Unfortunately the cameras didn't work too well but gave a certain ambiance to the images and hopefully my welcomings were enthusiastic.

Hunt & Darton Café is part of the Live Art Collective East programme, supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and produced by Artsadmin. The Café will be part of The Junction’s Spring programme and will be publicised both regionally and nationally. After this Cambridge outing Hunt & Darton took the cafe to Edinburgh producing a 5 star show.

Live Art Speed Date:  Forest Fringe Festival Edinburgh 2011


Working with the group 'Stoke Newington International Airport ' this was a four minute performance for an audience of one which was repeated over a two hour period. Great fun, scary, bizarre and a  test of endurance. Live Art Speed Dating is an innovative exploration into intimate experiences between artist and audience, in a vibrant fairground atmosphere.

Tabata is a high intensity interval training that was originally developed for Japan’s Olympic speed skating team. A single Tabata set consists of eight 20 second intervals of intensive activity separated by 10 second rest breaks. A complete Tabata workout is made up of four different exercises focusing on specific body parts. Tabata is not for the faint of heart; it will take physical and mental strength, so do them with a friend for motivation.

This training method is so simple, yet so incredibly difficult, that athletes tend to try it once acknowledge its greatness then vow never to speak its name again.

I wanted to do something physical and bizarre with a sense of endurance, I knew I couldn't do a conventional Tabata Training routine (as I'm completely unfit) so I devised a  4 minute routine of facial yoga exercises - much to the 'date's surprise, it got a lot of laughs, shocked looks, competitive spirits and locked jaws!

To see these bizarre facial expressions - contact me, I'm always open to commissions!

Live East 'Manifold': Anglia Square Multi Storey Car Park

A collaboration project between Kate Hodges and Mandy Roberts using the unused top two floors of the car park producing:  Uninvited interventions, surreptitious installations, undercover inquisitiveness, reactionary responses and playful interpretations. 
I conducted a tour looking predominantly at the everyday surroundings, shops, buildings and giving mundane information to visitors on the tour. Most visitors knew the area extremely well therefore I wanted to tell them something they didn't know.

Please follow me...


documenta 'Backstreets Guide': King's Lynn

A tour of the third largest settlement in Norfolk, King's Lynn, from an oblique perspective. What do we really see when encountering the familiar and the unfamiliar? Who selects our cultural legacy? Should we follow conventions? My tour was about looking at the obvious, the hidden, the down right curious and meeting the local people.

Tuesday Market Place - on Tuesdays there is a market...it does what it says on the tin.

red flags: Norwich Arts Centre "'Now That's What We Call Live Art'     2010


Flagging cigarette butts outside Norwich Arts Centre. A quite long, sometimes uncomfortable but surprisingly not smelly performance. So why flag cigarette butts? Because you could hardly see them on the shingle and I like to highlight the overlooked.

I also placed model soldiers around the building, white on white and grey on grey - why? because they were camouflaged.

I drew a map of the layout of the building using Aboriginal designs, this took two days, lots of silver pens, was frustrating for people trying to get passed me and very laborious - so why do it? because I wanted to.

Lastly I alphabeticalised all the leaflets & brochures in the arts centre (unfortunately no pictures)  - why? because then you can easily find what your looking for, why isn't it done anyway?


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